Anti-Wrinkle Injections & Treatments Prestwich

Each day there are a range of factors that can contribute towards the formation of wrinkles. These factors are from the most subtle of movements and expressions, the weather and mother time. The muscles within the face are in constant use which over time can create a deeper line, one that becomes more prominent with age.

Fortunately our professional team at Perriee Spa offer the most wonderful Anti-Wrinkle Injections and treatments in Prestwich!

Our anti-wrinkle injections are specifically tailored to help combat and counter the conditions that create these lines providing each client with a smoother and softer area.

Our Anti-wrinkle injections (aka Botox®) work by relaxing the muscles, this means that a persons expressions will cause wrinkles in the skin. This allows skin the desired time to heal and provide longer lasting effects.

Our Anti-Wrinkle treatments are safe, effective and perfect for both men and women and with non-surgical options available, the whole process is incredibly efficient.

For more information on our anti-wrinkle injections, treatments and bookings please contact one of our team today on 0161 943 7908.

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Brow Lift
Gummy Smile
Bunny Lines
Jaw Reshape / Reduction
Marionettes (Sad Lines)
Masseter (Teeth Grinding / Square Jaw)
Smokers Lines (Including Filler)