Perriee Spa Hair Extensions Prestwich

If you are looking for the highest quality hair extensions Prestwich has to offer why not book in at our salon on Butterstile Lane, Prestwich and take advantage of our Beauty Works hair extensions! At Perriee Spa we ensure that only the highest quality hair is sourced, inspected and used by our professional team.

We offer a range of hair extension services catering for different budgets. This allows our team to provide a stunning head of hair to most clients.

Perriee Spa extensions are made from 100% human hair, this ensures both a natural and comfortable feel.
Should you have any enquiries regarding our hair extension, wish to arrange a booking or simply wish to speak to one of the team please contact us today on 0161 943 7908.

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Hair Extensions
Beauty Works
From £200.00
Consultation required.
Russian Lengths Hair
From £200.00
Consultation required.
Weft Refit 1 Row
Weft Refit 2 Rows
Weft Refit 3 Rows
Refit and Style