Body Treatments & Sports Massage Prestwich

Our team at Perriee Spa offer a range of the most wonderful body treatments Prestwich has to offer. We have a range of body massage options catering for athletes suffering from aches and pains to busy individuals looking to destress and unwind in a soothing atmosphere.

We also offer a range of exfoliation services designed to make a client feel like new. For more info on our range of body treatments, bookings and more simply contact us today or check out our prices below.

Shrinking Violet Weight Loss Wrap Prestwich

The Tibby Oliver Shrinking Violet Body Wrap, is a revolutionary clinically proven inch loss body wrap, a treatment so powerfully fat busting, that one 60 minute treatment can result in a reduction of up to 2 inches off the waistline. The top line result from the clinical trial is up to 2.5% fat reduction per application. Its active ingredients penetrate cells and its fat busting formula acts as an ideal slimming solution.

It is a painless, effortless process that successfully removes fat in problem areas, such as thighs, buttocks and abdomen, engineered to also work on cellulite, fluid retention, sluggish circulation and detoxification. The supreme in inch loss body wraps for shrinking those inches.
A course of 4 wraps is recommended.

Deep Cleansing Medicated Back Treatment

A 1 hour treatment including mini massage to help clean and clear the back of breakouts and other skin concerns.

Body Exfoliation Treatment

Removes dead, dull and dry skin to reveal a more youthful, soft, supple and radiant skin. This treatment also includes mini massage.

Body Brush Scrub Therapy

This can be added on to any body treatment and will stimulate blood flow, improving skins appearance.

Body Treatments
Traditional Swedish Massage
60 minutes
Aromatherapy Full Body Massage
60 Minutes
Deep Tension / Sports Massage
60 Minutes
Pregnancy Massage
60 Minutes
Express Massage
30 Minutes
Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage
25 Minutes
Indian Head Massage
30 Minutes
Full Body Massage & Facial Combo
105 Minutes
Deluxe Swedish Massage & Dr Jules Nabet Facial
110 Minutes
Shrinking Violet Weight-Loss Wrap
A powerful technique that can shrink waistelines by 2 inces in 60 minutes
Shrinking Violet Weight-Loss Wrap Course
Course of 4 - Recommended
Deep Cleansing Medicated Back Treatment
Includes mini massage
Body Exfoliation Treatments
Includes mini massage
Body Brush Scrub Therapy
Can be applied to any body treatment