Jaw and Chin Filler Prestwich

By using filler in the chin and jawline we can create a more contoured, sculpted look. The results will be; a slimmer looking face, a more defined jaw and elongated chin. Individual results and expectations are different which is why we will discuss in depth your desired look before treatment commences.

This is one of the celebs best used treatments to transform the shape of their face, with no need for surgery and a lot more cost effective this treatment is fast becoming a popular choice for men and women.

Prices for our Jaw & Chin Filler treatments start from just £200.00;

  • Jaw Reshape / Reduction from £200.00
  • Jaw reshape (dermal fillers) from £250.00

All patients are subject to a free consultation to discuss options best suited to your requirements. For bookings and consultations please contact the team directly today.

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Jaw & Chin Fillers
Jaw Reshape / Reduction
From £200.00
Jaw reshape (dermal fillers)
From £250.00